To Foreclose or Not to Foreclose

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Hello to many of you that know me, and to those of you that do not as yet.  I feel strongly about sharing a variety of  honest Real Estate facts with all of you other than what we all are generally hearing on the news and reading in the papers.   The aim of my blog will be to educate and stimulate you to make choices for other decisions based on what I feel you will find interesting.  Let’s call it anti-cultural….that which allows us to think for ourselves independent of the masses.   Thank you and I would appreciate your thoughts and other expert opinions by replying!  In time, I will have links to other important web sites that will assist anyone reaching out for other information in our Real Estate world.

The following is from the National Association of Realtors (NAR). 

If you would like to read any of the added reports/articles simply click on the under-lined selection.

The Basics: Foreclosure

In recent years, unprecedented job losses, market fluctuations, and economic uncertainty have caused a spike in the number of home owners in foreclosure or in danger of becoming so. As more home owners have fallen behind on their mortgages, many local markets have been flooded with distressed sale properties—short sales or actual foreclosures. This situation has demanded that REALTORS® develop new skills to respond on behalf of their clients and their communities.

Latest News:

In September and October 2010, several lenders suspended foreclosures due to questions about whether the transactions were being processed consistent with applicable state law requirements

NAR Says Families Will Suffer if Foreclosure Freeze Continues (Oct. 12)
NAR Letter Regarding Deficiencies in the Foreclosure Process by Some Mortgage Servicers (Oct. 12) (PDF: 138K)
Serious Questions Raised about the Validity of Foreclosures (Oct. 7)
Foreclosure Moratorium: Latest in the Debate

Resources For Homeowners, Buyers and Sellers  Foreclosure Counsellors: What They Can and Can’t Do Foreclosure Process: How State Laws Vary
6 Questions Foreclosure Buyers Should Ask
Homeowners: Concerned About Your Existing Mortgage?

NeighborWorks® Warns Consumers about Loan Modification Scams


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