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  1. Hi, this is a comment.
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  2. Wonderful start. I am looking forward to further updates and postings. As an architect I would welcome the opportunity to contribute or post articles.

  3. Well, its about time someone decided to do this and I think its a great idea. They have used real estate and real estate financing as the main vehicle for creating fiat currency that has led to the situation we are in.

    You know what I think would really be great is if we could get solid real, meaningful information on how to do land patents and alloidal titles so that we REALLY own the land instead of just renting it. LOL Hows that for a rabbit hole to go down. LOL Thanks for doing this. I look forward to what you have to offer and since I was in the mortgage lending business for 30 years I am sure I will have some things to offer as well. Good luck.

    • Thank u so very much Percy for your support. Yes, alot of mis-information and the whole industry (and others) are at, I believe, a very interesting place. Pathways are out there. The PEOPLE really need to beging speaking more loudly. It only takes a few to make it heard….fairness and reasonable thinking can still come forth.
      LOL to u!

  4. jane buhl Says:

    kas, thanks for the blog. i think its a great idea. i particularly appreciated that you have made info about the scams available. i have recently heard some very sad stories about scammers who offer to help homeowners prevent foreclosure and wind up owning the home several months later unbeknownst to the original owner.

    additionally, your blog offers an opportunity to make homeowners aware that one can lose a home because of unpaid property taxes, even a relatively small tax debt. there are i understand over 1700 tax upset sales in chester county alone. while each circumstance may be different, a new buyer who has legally purchased the home at a vastly deflated price, may then offer to sell the house back to the homeowner at an inflated price but less than the market value. the deceit and exploitation involved seems shameful from where i sit. will appreciate any comments you might have. or a better way to make your bloggers aware of this issue. it’s real. all the best, j

    • Jane, thank u so much for your thoughts. Yes, incrediible it has got to this point. We must all stay vigilant and begin speaking up for what is fair and equitable. Too many lies and they still continue to rule the day…Why? Hmmm….something to do with the old adage “he who dies with the most toys…wins” Really dumb thinking and doesn’t really fit the consciousness that is coming into It’s own at this time. Once again, thank you!

  5. Great Blog and timely topic – there’s so much confusion out there in the “real world” real estate market – you don’t know who to believe anymore. Very informative honest information!

    • Thank u Cathie for taking the time. Yes, it is nice to have somewhere else to go, and there are many places of which I want to make it easier for all.

  6. Hi kas this Gabriel just saying hello and enjoying the color scheme.. The orange with black really works on my eyes. I think I will use more this color format on my websites, the colors work on my eyes really well. My eyes instantly wanted to read more because they didnt get shocked by the light bright colors most other webs use. I tend to use blue and light blue for lettering.. incase you didnt know.

    So once more gotta run nice blog.. >Have you talked to Jason of Virtual Tours yet.. he is the man for your sort of busines.. bye..

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